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Prevent Hair Loss: What Should I Do if I'm Losing My Hair?

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Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in the Future!

The first step of the process is helping to prevent future hair loss.  This is imperative, otherwise you will be spinning your wheels!  We do not want to do hair transplant on you, and then have you continue to keep on losing more of your own natural hair.  We are not concerned about the newly transplanted hair falling out from the hair transplant.  This hair is genetically preprogrammed not to fall out. What we are always concerned about is the patient losing their own existing hair around the transplanted area. If the patient continues to lose more of their own hair, then that area would have to be surgically corrected at a later date with a hair transplant.

Three FDA Approved Treatments to Prevent Hair Loss

There are three FDA approved treatment modalities on the market currently available to help prevent future hair loss: Propecia, Rogaine and the Laser Comb. It is extremely important to use any preventive treatment as much as possible to help maintain your existing hair.  If you are a male you could use all Three, if you are choosing one, Propecia is the best choice.  However, Propecia is not recommended for females.   Females should use Rogaine and the Laser Comb.  The laser comb was approved by the FDA in February 2007. In the FDA trial, some 93% of the participants saw an increase in hair density with an average increase of 19 hairs/cm with the HairMax Laser comb. In addition, you could use other non FDA approved treatment modalities that have shown some (non–substantiated) encouraging results such as saw palmetto.  There are a slew of products on the market claiming to be the cure all for hair loss.  You should be very skeptical when purchasing these items; the majority of them are unable to produce the results they are implying. We recommend that our patients do everything they can do to help maintain as much of their own natural hair as possible to limit the amount of hair transplant procedures that they will have to have.


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