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Treatments for Hair Loss in Men are Getting Better than Ever!

Some effective treatments for hair loss in men happen to be getting a hair transplant along with the use of certain medications, such as minoxidil or finasteride. The laser comb … Continue Reading →

Hair Transplant vs Propecia

Hair Transplant vs Propecia, In the Battle Against Hair Loss  If your wondering who wins in a hair loss battle of a hair transplant vs propecia, the answer is both! … Continue Reading →

Balding Can Be Cured

No longer does hair loss mean you have to stay bald. Balding can be cured with a simple outpatient procedure known as a hair transplant. Balding men and women can … Continue Reading →

Hair Transplant Forum

Hair Transplant Forum Should Be Unbiased The hair transplant forum is a great way for potential patients to communicate with experts in the industry. The hair loss industry has always … Continue Reading →

Hair restoration can change your life!

A hair restoration surgery is a simple, minimally invasive outpatient procedure that takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to complete. When looking into hair restoration, you should make your decision … Continue Reading →

Hair Transplant Horror Stories

The Hair Restoration Industry Has Had its Share of Hair Transplant Horror Stories Have you ever seen someone with hair plugs? How about someone who had a scalp reduction? How … Continue Reading →

Hair Surgery Blog

A Hair Surgery Blog Helps You Look Closely at Hair Transplant Results A hair surgery blog can help you in the decision-making process when considering a hair transplant. There are … Continue Reading →

Hair Growth Supplements for Great Hair

Some hair growth supplements have been proven to prevent hair loss and even regrow previously lost hair. If you ever wish to try a hair loss supplement, choose one that … Continue Reading →

Hair growth shampoo can help you

Hair growth shampoo comes in many forms on the market, but very few have proven to give their customers the results they desire. More and more are coming out as … Continue Reading →

Hair Transplant Techniques

Various Hair Transplant Techniques Offer Patients With Hair Loss Many Different Options Both men and women with hair loss now have the following hair transplant options: Follicular Unit Transportation (FUT) … Continue Reading →