Tony from St. Louis Missouri Reviews His Hair Transplant Procedure

Tony from St. Louis Missouri – Immediately Post Procedure Testimonial

Tony flew in from St. Louis Missouri to have the best doctor in the industry do his procedure.  We minimized his travel costs by reimbursing him up to $1,000 for his travel expenses. We offer this option to ensure that, regardless of your location, you are able to have the best doctor perform your procedure. He also got to enjoy the fantastic 80F degree weather we have almost everyday.

 Tony has volunteered to create a running log of his experience, complete with pictures.  Very few doctors have the guts to post patients on their website before they get their results. That is one of the many ways we separate ourselves from the others. We post pictures of every part of the procedure from start to finish. Dr. Bolton is extremely confident in his abilities and talents, and backs them up with his proven results. Thank you, Tony and we look forward to following your progress and seeing your results!

One Day Post-Procedure

Tony from St. Louis Missouri Reviews His Hair Transplant Procedure Hair Transplant Industry Exposed Healing/Growth Process Testimonials

Tony from St. Louis Missouri Reviews His Hair Transplant Procedure Hair Transplant Industry Exposed Healing/Growth Process Testimonials

“Piece of cake.

Seriously.  It’s no different than going to the dentist.  In fact, I’ve had procedures at the dentist (i.e. Wisdom Teeth and Braces) that were more intrusive than the procedure I had performed on me by Dr. Bolton on Jan 4, 2016.

And I can tell you for sure, that nowhere, do you get as much care, focus and attention that Dr. Bolton and his staff give.  I’m not just talking hair transplant… but any surgery or medical procedure in the world.

I was the only surgery that day… all the attention was on my investment.  How can anyone ask for more than that, as a consumer of this type of risky venture?  In fact, what is normally is a risky investment, is minimal risk in the hands of Dr. Bolton, in my opinion.

Surgery was painless – just the normal pricks or 1 second pressure of injecting pain meds that all of us have had to do before.  It’s nothing.

You can watch TV – have great conversation – eat whatever you want – or even fall asleep which I did.

And man, this guy is a fricking artist.  That’s why I wanted Bolton the most.  Like so many other men, I am losing hair in my crown, but my main issue is my frontal hairline.  If you too, want to recreate your frontal hairline —- go to an artist like Dr. Bolton.  He will deliver, and his results are all over his website to prove it.

They also offered limitless personal testimonies that I could talk to — and I in fact, took them up on that offer.  Talked to 4 people personally who had the procedure with Dr. B.

Also, on the day of my surgery, some patients came in for checkups, etc.  Brought in friends that they are trying to refer.  Let me just say, that everyone was thrilled with their results.

The patient I met, who was from NY (I believe) was at only 5-7 months, and his result was already incredible.  His entire heard was covered with hair.

Overall, the surgery experience was a 10/10.  That’s not a joke, or an exaggeration.  If you are reading this, you’ve likely watched all the same videos and testimonials I have.  Trust me… it’s no lie.  It really was that easy and enjoyable, considering what I was there to accomplish.

 —– My Experience with Dr. Bolton’s Technique —–

Dr. Bolton was quick to recognize the kind of hair loss I was suffering and my needs at this time.

We went for a Maxharvest Plus™ procedure of 8,000 or so hairs.  He pulled around 40 sq cm of tissue, and luckily I had good donor hair.

How many grafts?  I have no idea.  And I don’t care.  What does that mean anyway?

All I know is that I got 8,000 hairs for a price that would be less than an FUE procedure and an FUE procedure would result in 1/4th of the amount of hair – at best.  I would need to do 4 FUE procedures to equal the amount of hair that Bolton provides in one!

And you can’t just go in back to back months.  4 FUE procedures would likely have to be spread out over 5 or more years.  Maybe 10 years financially and logistically.

If I went back again to Dr. Bolton — and believe me I plan to, since this has been actually pleasant – I could be up to around 12-15K hairs total in 2 years.  If I went a third time – which I might cause I am hair greedy – I could maybe net 20K total hairs in 3 procedures.  I am assuming I wouldn’t be able to get 8K hairs every single time.  You can logically only dip into the well so many times.  But if I could get another 10-12K total in two more procedures, that would be awesome!

It would take 10 or more FUE procedures to get that amount of hair and cost 4 times the amount at the least.  It would take 2 decades and all of us would be old men and near retirement – just to put it in perspective compared to what Bolton offers.

And…. There is always an outside chance that with some of Bolton’s skill, FDA treatments (propecia and rogain) and a little luck, that I might not need any more procedures at all.  Just check out Dr. B’s 1 procedure results.

Full disclosure: This was my first procedure ever, so I haven’t experienced FUE.  But I’ve done my research.

In fact, remember the NY patient I mentioned above?  He had an FUE procedure.  It was such a failure, that he had to go to Dr. Bolton to get it corrected, and achieve the results he needed.  In fact, the FUE procedure ruined some of his donor hair ability, because of the 2000 holes they punched in the back of his head.

The FUE wasn’t scar-less to him, by any means, and it resulted in lowering the amount of donor hair he has left.

Luckily, despite the setback of FUE, Bolton still found an incredible amount of hair for this gentleman, due to his strip harvest method and skills.  And the patient (if I remember correctly) is planning on doing even another surgery.
——- My thoughts on the financial aspect ——-

It costs me $1 per day.

(bleep) —- I spend more than that at the vending machine at work every day on Gatorade, gum or potato chips


To me, the surgery was worth every penny.  I financed this procedure, because I didn’t just have 10 – 15K in cash available.  I imagine, the average person doesn’t either.  And didn’t want to liquidate certain accounts that I have like 401K (which I could borrow against).  I didn’t want to put in on credit cards and over leverage my debt ratios, causing harm to my credit ability.

So, I looked at it (financially) as though I was buying a decent used car.  I bought a decent Ford Explorer in 2009… it was 3 years old.  It had 50,000 miles, and I financed it for about 13K.  Put some cash down, and then borrowed the rest from a bank.

I hated that (bleeping) car – it meant absolutely nothing to me emotionally.  Was a huge pain in the rear, and I got rid of it 5 years later any way.  And you guessed it… had to finance for another car.

I appreciate a nice vehicle.  And I understand that there are some people that are very emotionally invested in cars.  But it’s not important to me.  It’s just a necessity to get from here to there, and my real only goal is to buy something safe, reliable and can get me from place to place without being embarrassed.

I purchased a 36K car in 2006.  I purchased a 13K car in 2009.  I leased a 35K car in 2014.

The money I’ve spent on cars, and will have to continue to spend on cars is eye popping.

The reason I am using car purchases to compare my hair transplant to, is because of the philosophy of what I am actually paying for.

Like my 2006 Ford Explorer that I bought in 2009 for 13K, that’s about what my surgery with Bolton cost.  Both of them mainly financed, with a little cash down.

The difference?  The 8000 hairs doctor Bolton gave me will last a lifetime and will give me joy forever.  If I live until I am 80 years old (another 45 years), the total cost of the hair transplant breaks down to about $1.00 per day, if I include everything (travel costs, interest on borrowed financing, etc)

You read that right… $1 per day.  ONE DOLLAR PER DAY.

Compare that to my car that I really care nothing about.  In my experience they last about 5 years before they break down and because financial issues and you have to get a newer one.

And when you include gas costs, upkeep and maintenance and property tax and licenses, Cars will cost you about 15-20 times more over your lifetime than a hair transplant will.

And trust me…. I care much more about my hair and the way I look and feel every day every second of my life, than what car I get into and spend half an hour a day in.

In fact, one could conclude money isn’t real anyway.  It’s essentially a symbolically shared illusion of pieces of paper and digits on a computer somewhere.

You know what is real?  My hair…. My physical body.

Not everybody will feel the same way I do.  But I just wanted to share my philosophy about the cost of the transplant.

I read so many comments from Dr. Bolton’s Youtube videos of people scared of the cost or saying that they are saving up.  I understand that financially, it’s not for everybody.  There was a point in my life where I wouldn’t have been able to afford it or even get a loan like I did here.

But I also think there are plenty of people that don’t realize they can afford to do this right now, and all it might take is a different philosophy on how you view your own finances and the mechanisms available to get it.

And for those that respectfully disagree with my outlook on money, that’s okay… there are great financial benefits as well to financing a hair procedure.

In fact, by financing it… I’ve already improved my credit score. Thus, this procedure will provide more benefits that just hair as long as I pay it off on time and in full.

Today’s economy runs on credit. If you want to get a mortgage loan for a house or a student loan to pay for your kids’ college, a company is extending credit to you.

Credit can signify that your financial situation — and the rest of your life — is on the right track!