Considering A Budget Hair Transplant Procedure?

We receive many requests from people like the gentleman below who want to know what we recommend for them. We tell them that they are a challenging case because of the amount of hair they have lost relative to what we can give them back in one procedure. We are honest and straight-forward, and we do not just tell people what they want to hear.   Considering A Budget Hair Transplant Procedure? Difficult Cases FUE Corrections Hair Transplant Industry Exposed   This gentleman was told he would get coverage from front to back with an FUE procedure. FUE is a disaster for a patient with this type of hair loss. FUE is low yield and causes severe damage to the donor area. He simply needs hair, and FUE does not produce much of that. Nobody moves more hair then Dr. Bolton. He regularly moves 10,000 – 15,000 hairs in less then 6 hours from start to finish. This gentleman got approximately 3,000 hairs and his donor is now severely compromised because it has 3,000 FUE scars, covering the entire donor area and beyond.   Unfortunately, most people have an expensive learning experience their first procedure. You can’t cover an entire area this large with FUE unless you spread it thin. It is also not a scar-less procedure. You can save money by traveling internationally, but does it look like it was worth it?   FUE is marketed very well by the companies that sell the machines, but their claims are completely bogus.