Same Amout Of Hair, Different Results.

I still remember an extensive conversation that I had with this patient. He questioned how, if he got 6,000 hairs from his previous surgery, which consisted of 3,000 grafts, with an average of 2 hairs per graft, we could make a difference, with the same 6,000 hairs. The patient said it is 6,000 hairs either way, how can you do better with the same amount of hair?


Same Amout Of Hair, Different Results. Hair Transplant Industry Exposed


The answer is: We do not continue to cut grafts smaller and smaller into primarily one and two hair grafts. The more you cut, the more damage, less survival, and less inherent density you receive. The hairs
that used to be close together are now separated and yield a thinned out look. We use micro grafts in the front hair line only. The rest of the grafts are placed behind the hairline and are comprised of 6-8 hair crafts, which result in a fuller, denser final product.