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Don’t Believe Everything you See or Hear

Even in the medical industry you can’t believe everything you see or hear, so it is best for you to do plenty of research to determine what is factual amongst all the misrepresented products being thrown at you.

Traveling medicine men or salesmen selling elixirs and snake oils are a part of our cultural history. Hawking cure-alls and liniments for consumption and neurasthenia, hair loss and even love disorders, they traveled from city to city promising to cure what ails you. With the help of a shill planted in the audience who could vouch for the products - the blind could see again and the handicapped could walk - anything was possible.

Today there are modern equivalents of traveling snake oil salesmen selling miracle cures for those suffering with hair loss. Although tempting, many of these products and services may be all hype and no substance. Also, most of these products are not backed by the FDA.

What is the best way to check out the product's claims and determine the efficacy of these promises?
Use your 'buyer beware' radar and if something seems to be too good to be true, you know what they say - it probably is. On the other hand, they also say: Nothing ventured; nothing gained. So, if it doesn't set you back too many bucks, give it a try and see what happens, especially if it has a money-back guarantee.

If a product such as a shampoo or lotion promises: miraculous, amazing, sensational, etc., your radar should be going into overdrive. Use of multiple superlatives, should raise an eyebrow and your skepticism.

So-called miracle cures for hair loss have little or no scientific basis for their claims and have not been subject to clinical trials. If the product makes specific promises, what proof of product effectiveness is offered?

If it is a supplement or pharmaceutical product, make sure the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve it. Many products can be purchased over the counter or in health food stores that do not carry this approval.

The product needs to be regulated in order to ensure standardization of dosage, potency and efficacy. If their only proof of worth is: 'try it, you'll like it,' save your money.

There are many medical hair loss products and procedures such as hair transplants on the market. Questions to ask include: What is the rate of success and what are the risks of side effects? If it's a product, has it been tested in FDA-approved clinical trials?

If it's a hair transplant, there is no regulating body, but make sure your physician is board-certified and/or is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

If a product advertises 'safe and effective,' do your homework. All medicine and drugs have side effects. If a product denies or fails to mention side effects, that is a red flag.

However, it's possible to get good results from a good hair transplant or the medically supervised use of hair regeneration products. Be smart, do your homework, use your critical thinking skills and don't believe everything you read, or I have a bridge to sell you in New York.

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Thank you Dr. Bolton

  •  Review
    Sep 2, 2019
    Glen Reviews
     google Review
    My experience with Dr. Bolton and his entire team was outstanding! From the moment I had made my initial consultation, to surgery day and post operative follow-up, Dr. Bolton, Josh and the team were on top of their game. I had previous hair transplant surgeries that were done locally prior to seeing Dr. Bolton and was hesitant to fly out to Ft....
  •  Review
    Aug 26, 2019
    Marius Reviews
     google Review
    I live in Norway, Europe. I have suffered from hair loss since 2004, in my early twenties. Now in my late thirties, i had a Norwood stage 3 hair loss, and I finally choose to do something about it. I did my research, read a lot about hair loss, watched tons of YouTube videos, and contacted some of the clinics online before making my decision. After...
  •  Review
    Aug 25, 2019
    Marius A Reviews
    Marius A
    Molde, Norway
     yelp  Review
    I live in Norway, Europe. I have suffered from hair loss since 2004, in my early twenties. Now in my late thirties, i had a Norwood stage 3 hair loss, and I finally choose to do something about it. I did my research, read a lot about hair loss, watched tons of YouTube videos, and contacted some of the clinics online before making my decision....
  •  Review
    Aug 19, 2019
    Tony jovanovic Reviews
    Tony jovanovic
     google Review
    Truly recommend the amazing team in Fort Lauderdale . Dr. Brett Bolton, treated me like a prince for a day. Super professional and made my almost 10 hours procedure so pleasent and amazing. Didn’t feel any pain all day and when I started to feel something they took care of it right away. They worked about 10 hours and I couldn’t be more happy with...
  •  Review
    Aug 19, 2019
    Tom ! Reviews
    Tom !
     google Review
    I had a friend who referred me to Dr Bolton and gotten great results so I stopped in for a consultation. Josh and Dr Bolton were both very professional and the office is great. Very knowledgeable on all the options in the market now too. I did my research and saw a few odd posts from years ago. ( dont be put off by these), Dr Bolton is 100% on his...
  •  Review
    Aug 19, 2019
    F. . Reviews
    F. .
     google Review
    I had an outstanding experience with Dr. Bolton and his staff. Honestly, I rediscovered the true meaning of the word “Professionalism”. Dr. Bolton is a real professional with a strong work ethic and positive attitude. Moreover, he is genuine, friendly, humble, and available. His team is amazing, exemplary, and courteous. The quality care at Great...
  •  Review
    Aug 17, 2019
    Elli R Reviews
    Elli R
     yelp  Review
    It's one thing for a guy to be bald, but for a female it's horrible. I went to Dr. Bolton the first time around four years ago. The results were amazing. I had hair!!! It was great going out in public and not be embarrassed. I feel and look so much better. But the doc can only do so much in one setting. I had so much confidence in Dr. Bolton after...
  •  Review
    Aug 13, 2019
    Ross Reviews
     google Review
    The staff is amazing. Very friendly, welcoming and down to earth. Dr Bolton and Josh made the decision easy. I never felt pressured, hurried and was given real, honest expectations. I was able to get the results I wanted in 1 visit. Dr. Bolton is the best. I recommend anyone interested to check out Dr. Bolton’s before and after pictures. That sold...
  •  Review
    Aug 6, 2019
    William watkins Reviews
    William watkins
     google Review
    I had a great experience with Dr. Bolton and his team!!! He was able to get me the most he could and didn't charge for the extra. I had mine on April 10th, 2019. I had some swelling but I also didn't ice like I should have plus I drove myself home from FL to Oklahoma on my third day after the procedure. I'll post a before pic of when I arrived to...
  •  Review
    Jul 30, 2019
    David Szepanski Reviews
    David Szepanski
     google Review
    I've looked every where for a good place and when i came across this doctor and saw how much experience he's had and all the videos to prove his work along with the pricing i went with them u won't find any better I've looked and experience the leval of care and there ability to move a lot of grafts in one sitting that would prob take other...
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