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Vito 7 mo Followup

These results are after just 7 months and it only took ONE MaxHarvest procedure for him to get his hair back! MaxHarvest is the best solution for those who want their hair back.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 01-24-2014

Paul's Scar Video

Paul is a Connecticut patient who was so excited about his results that he sent in his after pictures after only 7 months. Now he looks his age again.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 01-02-2014

Marc's Scar

Marc had an amazing corrective surgery with Dr. Bolton. He did NOT get his prior scars removed because Dr. Bolton wanted to get him the most hair possible in this first procedure. Be careful when you shop for a doctor because a bad procedure can leave your donor area severely compromised. The next step will be to remove the bad scar from the other doctor's procedure.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 12-20-2013

Rod's Undetectable Suture

Rod is so pleased with his hair transplant and the fact that his scar looks so good.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 12-02-2013

Remarkable Scar Video

This patient has no visible scar after this MaxHarvest procedure! Those seeking a scarless hair transplant should consider the MaxHarvest technique developed by Dr. Bolton because it delivers far more hair than techniques claiming to be scarless.

Creation Date: 12-02-2013

Reynato's Undetectable Scar: 10 day

Reynato is here 10 days after his procedure. Take a look at his scar and his new grafts.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 09-07-2013

Scott's 5 Month Scar

See Scott's undetectable scar 5 months after his hair transplant. Not only is his hair beginning to grow in nicely but you cannot detect his scar.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 09-04-2013

Undetectable Scar: 4mo

This 4 month scar is nearly impossible to find.

Creation Date: 08-26-2013

Patient 104 Undetectable Scar

A thin unnoticeable suture line is not an issue for someone who gets their hair back. You can see that its nearly impossible to find this scar even when it's pointed out.

Creation Date: 11-03-2014

Montage of Scar Videos

Watch this montage of several scar videos. Note that the suture line is nearly undetectable.

Creation Date: 12-02-2013

John's Undetectable Scar

John is pleased with his hair transplant and his suture line.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 12-02-2013

Charles Followup


Before / After Photos Creation Date: 12-02-2013