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What Sets Dr. Bolton Apart as Your Best Choice for Hair Transplantation?

Moving the Maximum Amount of Hair

What separates me from other hair transplant surgeons is my cautious aggressive approach.  I want to move as much hair as possible for my patient every time that they have a hair transplant surgery.  By doing this I max out each individual surgical session by moving the maximum amount of hair and hopefully limit the amount of times the patient has to return for future surgiMiaim hair transplant surgeoncal sessions.  I use an array of various sized grafts according to what best suits the patient’s individual needs.

There are many different approaches to hair transplant surgery.  One of the more common theories is called follicular unit transplantation.  A follicular unit is the naturally occurring bundle or grouping of hair follicles.  The average follicular unit may have anywhere from two to four hairs (The hair transplant industry average is 2.5 hairs per follicular unit.).  There are a number of hair transplant physicians who feel this is the only way to perform a hair transplant surgery [using only micro grafts (one hair) and follicular units exclusively].  They will use these follicular units everywhere, the front (hairline), the middle (vertex) and the back (crown).   I could not disagree with this more!  I definitely use micro grafts and follicular units; however, I do not use them exclusively.  In my opinion this is a disservice to the patient; by limiting the amount and type of grafts you use will limit the results. 

I use micro grafts and follicular units where they are needed and incorporate a blend of various sized grafts in order to best meet the patient’s needs and get them the greatest results possible!   A various sized graft could have one to two follicular units or it could have two to three follicular units.  I will use these various sized groupings in such a fashion that they are blended in with the other grafts and are not discernible.  By incorporating these multiple bundles, I am able to achieve a much greater density with unparalleled natural results.  Every patient is different.  Therefore, every surgical hair transplant will be different.  Each individual will have their own hair characteristics.  The coarseness, color and density of the hair all have to be taken into account in order to best suit the patients individual needs.  Everyone has their own unique facial characteristics which have to be considered as well.  The hairline and hair type go hand and hand and must be carefully thought-out when designing a game plan to not only fit their face now but in the future as well!


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