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FDA Approved Laser Comb Brings Hope To Hair Loss Patients

Each year millions of Americans mourn the loss of their hair. With a multitude of regrowth hair products on the market promising to restore thinning or lost hair, consumers are looking for an effective way to cure baldness or hair loss. While it’s not appropriate for every patient, the FDA approved laser comb brings hope to hair loss patients searching for a laser baldness treatment.

Laser baldness treatment causing hair growth is not a new concept, which is why the laser baldness treatment comb is not a total shock to the medical community. In fact, some patients who undergo laser hair removal processes end up with more hair than they initially had in the treated area. While Rogaine, Propecia and hair transplants can offer more guaranteed results in restoring hair, the laser baldness treatment comb offers promising results as well.
How does this laser comb qualify as a laser baldness treatment?

The FDA approved laser hair loss comb is basically an electric hair comb with laser light parts. The comb helps patients utilize laser light therapy in the process of stimulating hair growth. A laser hair comb has been approved for use in the treatment of pattern baldness and thinning hair and has been found completely safe and side effect free.

The laser baldness treatment comb works by using its low-level laser on the hair’s follicles. Hair responds to the light much like a plant might, with the hair in the Catagen (resting phase) and Telogen (shedding phase) responding first. These responses cause new hair to grow which then opens up room for stronger hair growth in the areas being treated.

Does this laser baldness treatment appear to be effective?

While few large studies have been conducted about laser baldness treatment, studies which have been conducted report a success rate in approximately 90% of patients, in as little as 8 weeks of use. Patients studied regularly reported increases in hair growth, decreases in hair loss, faster hair growth, more vibrant hair color and better hair manageability overall. Some laser baldness treatment patients also report a reduction in scalp irritation and dandruff, as well.

For more information on the laser baldness treatment comb or hair transplant options, Dr. Bolton’s staff would be happy to assist you.


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