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What Happens During A Hair Transplant Procedure?

You may already know you’re a perfect candidate for a hair transplant procedure and may even have your surgery date scheduled. But, most patients are still curious about what happens during a hair transplant procedure and what hair transplant techniques are used to achieve best results. Hair transplant techniques can be very effective for hair loss patients and are a one day out-patient process which requires only local anesthesia.
Hair transplant procedure steps:

  1. Donor Area Preparation: The patient is prepared for the hair transplant procedure with the hair transplant specialist locating the hair follicles from the head which are genetically resistant to going bald. These are the same follicles which are to be transplanted into balding areas. The donor area of hair is trimmed and prepared for surgery. The donor area of hair is then injected with local anesthesia.

  2. Donor Tissue Removed: Next, the donor tissue which has the bald resistant follicles is surgically removed and sutured. Hair is combed over the donor area so the sutures aren’t visible to anyone. Approximately seven to ten days after the hair transplant procedure, these sutures are removed.

  3. Donor Tissue Trimmed: At this point during the hair transplant procedure, the donor tissue is trimmed and made into follicular unit grafts by surgical technicians.

  4. Bald Recipient Area Preparation: The hair transplant patient is given local anesthesia in the balding area. There is no trimming or shaving needed for hair already in the area.

  5. Incisions Made: Very small incisions are made in the balding area during the hair transplant procedure. These incisions are created in irregular patterns, which is what makes the hair transplant procedure so effective and the results so natural.

  6. Grafts Placed: At this point, the follicular unit grafts are placed into the tiny incisions. These grafts are placed in varying densities, with the smallest one and two hair grafts in the front of the hairline and three or four placed behind them.

After the hair transplant procedure is complete, the patient is fully awake and ready to leave the hair transplant facility. There will be short hair stubble showing from the new grafts and there will be hundreds of tiny incisions somewhat visible on the scalp. These incisions are typically completely gone within one week, as they heal very quickly.


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