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The following hair transplant reviews have been supplied to us from our happy patients. You can also contact us for additional hair transplant reviews and references. Great Hair Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic offer free hair transplant consultations via Phone, Online Chat, Email, Skype, Facetime, or in person.


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William Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Aug 22, 2017

My Experience With Dr. Brett Bolton And His Staff

Very personable and professional. My discussion with Dr. Brett Bolton was both friendly and informative and through my research and experience believe him to be the best in his field. His staff was also very professional and friendly and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a hair transplant!
hairtransplantsociety Review
Oct 31, 2017

Dr.Brett Bolton is the BEST hair transplants surge

I started loosing my hair about 5 years ago and I had to do something about it. FUE was the method that I thought would be the best(so called scarless.not true,you get a lot of small scars).To be fair the doctor I picked did as good job as FUE could offer but the method does not give you enough hair,one year later I have had another FUE procedure(another mistake). I haven't gotten any density that I was hoping for.So I started my research and realized the strip method is by far superior.Now I had to find the right doctor and I took my time doing that. There a lot of doctors in USA ,every state has many who offer the procedure but I was not impressed by any of them,and I checked A LOT of them. I live in Florida and I don't know what happened but somehow I missed Dr.Bolton's website when I checked everything for the first time, and he is in Florida as well.Luckily I found him this time.Talking about luck! I was so impressed with everything he has done that I knew wright the way, he is the ONE! I watched all his videos and read all the testimonials and of course the work he has done.Dr Bolton is not just a GREAT doctor he is an ARTIST!!! To do what he does, one has to have a gift from God! I was planning to do my surgery in March,but didn't want to wait so long. I called the office and talked to Jush,he made it easy for me and we had consultation with Dr.Bolton over the facetime.I picked my day October 24th which was a week away.On 24th when my wife and I got there it felt like we came to party,everyone was super friendly and helpful I have met the staff,wonderful people! After watching all the videos I felt that I already knew Dr.Bolton personally,but in real life he is even nicer (if it is even possible).What a great personality!!! Dr.Bolton took the time to explain everything (you can tell the man is very passionate about his job) then I got to my very comfortable chair and the procedure started.OMG!!! Talking about painless! I literally did not feel anything!! NO pain at all! I was enjoying shows on TV,eating snacks and had a good time.The procedure did not take more than 4 hours vs 8-9 hours FUE(in reality it felt more like 2 hours max)Dr Bolton and his staff went through everything I needed to know about post op.I got painkiller prescription and I never took it to pharmacy because I took 2 pills of Tylenol 500 when we were leaving the office and that was enough.NO PAIN at all! Of course I have to wait for some time to see the result but I have no doubts that Dr.Bolton did his best and he will make me happy.It has been a week since surgery and everything is going according the plan all I have to do is wait! When I will see my final result,I will post my before and after pictures. At last I have to tell that I have been and will be recommending Dr.Bolton to everyone who needs hair work done and if you,who reads this want to do something about your hair, do not wait and do not waste your time looking for different doctors,I did that for you,Dr.Bolton is the best !!! And Dr.Bolton thank you very much!
Rory Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Feb 13, 2018

Hair Transplant Review

The best! Very professional, the staff is great and everyone is very welcoming. Do not go anywhere else ! Phenomenal experience, highly recommend !
Hair Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Oct 23, 2018

My one year revew!

It's been one year since my HT surgery with Dr.Bolton.The result has exceeded my expectations.My hair looks great.I haven't met one person who would think that I ever had anything done with my hair,and actually I have gotten some compliments from different guys whenever we had conversations about hair in gym and other places.Guys usually would say,hey you are very lucky man with your hair you never had any problems with it and when I tell them(not everyone of course)that I had HT,they always are shocked.It's been 12 mo. and Dr.Bolton said I can expect some more growth during next few I am very happy about it.I already wrote about my experience with surgery,so I want to say again if you want to look in the mirror and not get disgusted with your bald head(because that is all you see,I know) just call Dr.Bolton and he will help you.He really is the BEST in this field.I have met some guys who had HT surgeries done with other doctors and there is NO comparison.Most of them had poor results and the scars on the donor area are easily visible. In my case my wife and my hair dresser only can find that little thin line which I can't even call a scar and they have hard time finding it.To everyone reading that my advice ,DO NOT WAIT any longer,call Dr.Bolton and make your self happy!!!
Brian Reviews
 yelp  Review
Apr 13, 2019
I picked Dr Bolton because I am a local businessman (jeweler) in same town and location (35+) years and he has been doing transplants for 20+ years. So, this might seem an odd criteria to some but it means a lot to me. A fly by night will never be in same place long! Then I saw his amazing work on real patients! I met Brett for first time in Feb for a consultation and had the procedure on April 5th. I am happy to report his pricing was very fair, the pain was not as bad as I thought and my progress is going well. Doc and/or staff (Mike) very attentive to any concerns or questions I may have nearly every day now since my surgery. I am on Day 9 and yes this is now a REAL REVIEW and I will update again to this post down the road, I am upset to see these fake reviews to blame him as not a good doctor is simply not true. I had a frontal procedure done about 12 years ago. So I know I can compare. It was not as successful as I wanted and they could do nothing for my crown. The thought of no hope is now a thing of the past because of Dr. Bolton, He filled it up (crown) and got so much extra max harvest he even filled in my front hairline some. Did not want front lowered but more dense. He doesn't count hairs for dollars once you hire him. He will get as much as possible and he sure did this when it came to me and my donor area. Most people want to remain anonymous when getting a hair transplant but I decided to come out of closet with this post after reading these fake posts. If anyone thinks I am a fake. Please look me up and visit me at my business for 35 years with my twin brother. Keno Brothers. I too have been a victim of false reviews. Mostly from my competitors who are jealous and want to take me down. The truth always prevails and this review is 100% with my name to it. Sincerely, Brian Keno