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The following hair transplant reviews have been supplied to us from our happy patients. You can also contact us for additional hair transplant reviews and references. Great Hair Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic offer free hair transplant consultations via Phone, Online Chat, Email, Skype, Facetime, or in person.


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Randy Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
May 19, 2016

A Great Experience!

Dr. Brett Bolton, Josh and the rest of his staff are very knowledgeable and experienced. They make the whole process very comfortable. The facilities are excellent as is the support. I received my transplant in July, 2011 and would do it all over again! As I look back almost 5 years, I can honestly say that this is the best decision I've ever made regarding my physical appearance. I had a great result and I know you will too! Feel free to contact me with any questions. I am a very happy client.
Bill Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Jul 7, 2016

My surgery

Dr. Brett Bolton / Josh and staff were very professional an made myself and wife very comfortable once we walked in the office. My surgery went step by step as they explained it and painless.
Bruce Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Jul 8, 2016

My Amazing Reaults!!

My experience was amazing at Dr. Brett Bolton's office, starting with Josh's customer service to all Nurse assistants to Dr. Brett Bolton's unbelievable skill. Dr. Brett Bolton has an amazing gift. My Hairline on my forehead is perfectly natural. My scar is non existent. I have had the same hairstylist since my very first haircut as a child. I am now 36 years old. My hairstylist is no ordinary stylist. He was named to the United States team for the world hairdressing competition in Verona, Italy, in 1986. He tells me he cannot see the scar and is constantly showing other clients my results. But more than my hairstylist's approval is how much I love styling my hair on a daily basis. I never get tired of styling combing managing my hair. 2 years later and I am still like a kid at Christmas with his new toy. I honestly get just as excited today as I did 2 years ago every time I get out of the shower and begin my morning ritual. I could go on all day about how much I love my new hair and what an amazing job Dr. Brett Bolton, Josh and the entire team did for me. Can't thank everyone enough.
Charlie Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Jul 11, 2016

No need to look anywhere else

Excellent staff, exceptional service, great results, and no visible scar. Perfect.
Casey Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Jul 13, 2016

After My First Failed Procedure With Another Docto

My first hair transplant with another doctor was an absolute nightmare. The procedure was painful, extremely expensive, ineffective, and was not personable at all. I was almost ready to give up on having hair in my early 20's and be bald for the rest of my life, which would be devastating. Before making this undesirable commitment, I figured I'd give it one more shot. I went on YouTube and started doing some research. I don't trust pictures anymore; I need to see the real live person talking and moving to believe their before and after results. Photoshop is an incredible software that can and does manipulate reality; this is much harder to do with video. Dr. Brett Bolton's channel popped up and he had hundreds of videos of his clients. The "befores" showed them balding noticeably, and the "afters" were substantially different. This caught my eye and was incredibly intriguing. After hours of research and watching videos, I sent in an inquiry. Josh called me and walked me through their system and explained to me what went wrong the first time and what they do differently. He is extremely knowledgeable and it gave me an instant feeling of relief and comfort. He insisted that I speak with the doctor personally, which was nowhere near expected, given my first experience. He setup a FaceTime call and I was literally speaking with the doctor who would be performing my procedure. This was huge for me and ultimately solidified my decision. I ended up scheduling an appointment and heading to Florida. They treated me like a king from the inquiry, through the procedure, and even after, with personal phone calls from the doctor and check-in emails. The procedure was completely pain-free. I even asked if I could use the restroom before they started transplanting and they told me that they were done; that's how pain-free it was. 9 months later and I have a completely different look. I'm not saying that I went from bald to Fabio, but in the areas where I was bald, I have a considerable amount of hair now. I am definitely going to go back to Dr. Brett Bolton for a second and possibly third and fourth procedure to complete the look I am after. While this may seem like a lot of procedures, you have to think about this process logically. You can't expect to get a hair transplant and have 1 strip of hair provide you with an entire scalp and crown full of growth. It takes time and it takes an ethical and professional doctor to plan your goal out reasonably. I want to thank Dr. Brett Bolton and Josh again for saving my hair, my confidence, and my sanity. I will see you both again soon!
Abhishek Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Jul 14, 2016

Recommend Dr Bolton

Got a hair transplant procedure done here and it didn't feel like a procedure at all. Fantastic experience, Both Dr Bolton and Josh are very professional and follow up is really good. Highly recommend!
John Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Jul 25, 2016

Hair Transplant

I wanted to take a minute and let everyone out there looking for a great, trustworthy, sincere Dr. to do their procedure to look into Dr. Brett Bolton. I am a 24 year old that has had a prior surgery which was a nightmare. After doing some intense research over the months, I ran across Dr. Brett Bolton's Greater Hair Transplant. I came in contact with Josh Engoren, the sales rep/customer support person. From the moment we first spoke on the phone, I felt at ease with everything. I made my appointment, and traveled to Fort Lauderdale to have my surgery. The day of my surgery, everything was so easy, I met Dr. Brett Bolton and their fantastic staff. Their whole team seemed to consist of maybe 5-10 people which was great because the last procedure I had was through a chain business, which seemed to only care about my sell. My experience, I cant seem to even put in words. It was a great clean facility, it was non stop friendly staff, and most of all it was great results, which to anyone with hair problem means your confidence, your attitude, your chrism is all boosted. My procedure was fairly quick, I had a great time talking to everyone and being there. I felt at home with no stress, or pressure. Come completion of my surgery, Dr. Brett Bolton gave me his personal number to contact at any time for questions, and Josh walked me to my car and even opened my door. Now to me its the little things that count. Besides the fact they changed my life at such a young age with my surgery they made sure I felt at home and taken care of the whole time, even with a phone call the next day to make sure I made a safe trip home. These guys are life changers, and I will be going back as soon as I am ready for my next procedure. In the mean time, I non stop recommend them to friends and family and to everyone out there suffering with hair lose to PLEASE CALL DR. BOLTON!!!! Thanks again to the amazing staff at Greater Hair Transplant, you all are amazing.
Zack Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Aug 7, 2016

An Amazing Procedure

My experience with Dr. Brett Bolton, Josh, and the rest of the Great Hairtransplants staff was amazing to say the least. Starting with the first consultation, they made me feel right at home and provided an honest and realistic opinion. They were able to answer any and all questions with ease. The procedure itself was smooth and flew by. I actually was asleep for most of it and felt no pain at all! They made themselves available for any questions/concerns and called to check up on me days after the procedure. I am now 9 months removed from my procedure and have seen amazing results, and am looking forward for to see what comes during the next few months! I can not thank the staff enough and would recommend them 10/10 times to anybody considering a procedure.
Aaron Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Sep 14, 2016

My Research Paid off! I Found the Right Guy!!

I knew I was going to get a hair transplant but didn't know from who. I wanted to find the best and so I set out on a quest to do just that. After all of my research I finally decided on Dr. Brett Bolton. Looking back 2 years I am so glad I did my homework and went with Dr Bolton and his team for my procedure. I have my hair back! Additionally, I have really appreciated the follow up after the procedure by Dr. Brett Boltons right hand man Josh. He Has called several times just to answer any questions I might have and to reassure me that in time it would all look great. He was right. Thanks to all on the Bolton team!
Luis Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Sep 14, 2016

Life changing decision

I was a bit skeptical at first about even going to my first consultation because my confidence and self-esteem was at an all time low, I really thought at the time I had to except my current situation for what it was, a receding hairline that will eventually force me to cut my hair short which will eventually leave me with no hair at all like my dad. Genes? Maybe NOT, with the advances in hair transplant procedures and propecia and the magnificent work of art of Dr. Brett Bolton it all changed my life in an instant ( well not in an instant I had to patiently wait until the hair started to grow of course). But like I mentioned before I couldn't have made a wiser decision, to put it in a business perspective the return on investment is 120%. Confidence is everything in life, it doesn't matter whether its your love life or professional life it tends to spill over every area if its there. I know for some having no hair doesn't do a single damage to there confidence and that's great, but if your like me it will do more than its share of damage believe me, waiting patiently and looking anxiously in the mirror as you see a hand full of hair fall off daily and not to mention when the people around you start to notice your thinning hair. But that doesn't have to be you for much longer if you make the decision to call Dr. Brett Bolton, I promise it will change your life like it changed mine, I couldn't have picked a better Doctor, from a friendly staff greeting you and answering all your questions upon arrival to all kinds of treats and a movie while you get your procedure done. This has been a journey for me that has changed my life for the better and its all thanks to Dr. Brett Bolton
Jim Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Jan 13, 2017

Hair Transplant Review

I couldn't be more happy with my results! I did my research watching Dr.Bolton's videos and testimonials and felt he was the best doctor to travel to. I had a previous procedure at Bosley years ago that left me with minimal results and a scar. I wanted to do it right this time and I'm happy I did. I'm so amazed with the results and procedure I came back for more. It's changed my life and I'm very THANKFUL.
Lak Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Jan 28, 2017

Excellent Doctor for Hair Transplants

I'm almost kind of class 6 or class 7 bald. Because of this I couldn't do any social life or even sometime hate to take my own photo. But after my thorosearch, I have chosen Dr.Bolton to do my hair transplant. Dr.Bolton is very kind and excellent in his work. Dr.Bolton filled my whole head in one procedure. Josh and all the staffs are very nice and kind. If you are looking for Dr for hair transplant. I highly recommend Dr. Brett Bolton. Can't wait to see my results. I will post my before and after pictures sometime later.
Jack Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Jan 29, 2017

I highly recommend Dr. Brett Bolton

This hair transplant procedure was nothing but a positive experience for me. As soon as I walked in Josh and Dr. Brett Bolton made me feel at home and answered any questions I had. They made sure that I completely understood what my procedure would entail and exactly what results I could expect. Once it started it was completely painless. Dr. Brett Bolton explained exactly what he was doing and answered all my questions during the process. And I just watched movies, ate snacks and chit chatted with Dr. Brett Bolton and his staff while they worked on my head. Actually very relaxing. After the procedure Josh was diligent in making sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed to heal properly. This procedure itself and the results of this procedure have far surpassed my expectations. I would recommend anyone in need of a hair transplant to go straight to great hair transplants.
Andrew Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Jan 30, 2017

Hair transplantation experience.

I had a 60 square cm procedure done. My experience far exceeded my expectations. The initial process began with a detailed conversation with Mike from Dr. Brett Bolton's office. Mike was very professional and extremely knowledgeable of the entire process, he even emailed me recommendations for hotels as I flew in from out of state for the surgery. After I decided to proceed with the procedure, Mike sent me a detailed email with all of pertinent information. This was very helpful and great as reference leading up to the day of my surgery. As for the procedure, I met with Dr. Brett Bolton the day of the surgery for an initial consolation and he was very transparent with everything involved. The procedure was painless and could not have gone better, which is not surprising considering Dr. Brett Bolton and his expert staff. Dr. Brett Bolton's 20 years of experience was evident and gave me great confidence throughout the process. Dr. Brett Bolton's team of technicians immediately went to work on removing the follicular units following the removal of the donor strip. I am being very sincere when I say the procedure was painless all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the movies that I chose. After the surgery concluded Dr. Brett Bolton personally went over my post op. Instructions including a brochure with all the instructions including the date of my suture removals and reiterated rest, rest and more rest. I am two weeks out post op. and couldn't be happier with where I am. If you decide on a procedure I highly recommend you call and ask for Mike and you will be in very capable hands and you will be one step closer to receiving the best possible hair transplantation procedure you can get!
Matthew Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Feb 1, 2017

Highly recommend Dr. Brett Bolton!

From the moment I walked into Dr. Brett Bolton's office, I had a good feeling. Meeting with Josh and Dr. Brett Bolton for the first time only reinforced this feeling. They both gave me their undivided attention and answered all my questions. I was at a low point in my life as far as self-confidence due to my hair loss (which had seemingly sped up over the past year), and even though I am all for shopping around and being an educated consumer, I did not feel the need to meet with any other doctors. I felt that between the testimonials of past patients, and the way Dr. Brett Bolton had welcomed me, I was in the best hands. The procedure itself was very nondescript as I watched movies and ate snacks. The follow-up care was top notch as both Josh and Dr. Brett Bolton called to check on me over the next week. Fast forward 6 months later and I couldn't be happier with my results. The crazy thing is that I still have more growth to look forward to. If you are looking to have a hair transplant, I suggest you look no further than Dr. Brett Bolton. He has no equal in the industry, and between him and Josh, you will not find a more professional duo.
Ric Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Feb 16, 2017

Hair transplant

It was an amazing experience From the time I got there to the time I left they made me feel very comfortable. The staff was very knowledgeable and Dr Bolton was extremely professional in his work. Mike the hair consultant was amazing and the results I have with my hair exceeded all my expectations You guys are champions!!!!!!! Thanks team for looking after me. After travelling all the way from New Zealand I am ecstatic with my results
Andrew Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Mar 26, 2017

First Hair Transplant

I had been experiencing hair loss for the past 10 years, my mid Twenties. I had been in denial of this fact, and family and friends, trying to be nice I guess, would confirm I was "crazy, you're not going bald!". I had researched hair transplants for years, and even had consultations with local hair doctors in my area.; Including the doctor who performed TB12's transplant. The Patriots Fans & Haters know who he is. I just didn't like the before and afters that I had seen and felt destined to eventually shave my head. I discovered Dr. Brett Bolton via YouTube. I was blown away! Real interviews, with REAL Patients. The work, attention to detail, and answering of my questions and concerns, had just confirmed for me, Dr. Brett Bolton was the Doctor I was using if I ever decided to go through with a hair transplant....I am beyond satisfied with my choice of getting one done. It was a reality of why wait any longer, day by day, you will only lose more hair if you don't confront this balding reality now. From start to finish, The phone call to the flight back home, and follow up calls from Dr. Brett Bolton himself, and Mike an assistant to Doctor Bolton was genuine, bed side manner that is Second to none! It has only been about six months since my procedure, and ALREADY the change is in my hairline is life changing for me. I will be posting before and after pics soon. A HUGE HEARTFELT THANK YOU to Dr. Brett Bolton, Mike and the rest of the staff.
Ross Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Apr 1, 2017

Best decision I ever made. Dr. Brett Bolton is the

I visited dr. Bolton like many about my concerns about my thinning hair. I visited other hair restoration, but felt the most comfortable with Dr. Brett Bolton, josh and his professional staff. He was honest, didn't sugar coat anything which I appreciated. I had surgery in August of 2015. Couldn't be happier with my results. Best decision I ever made. I would recommend anyone looking for the best honest results to see dr. Bolton.
Thomas Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Apr 21, 2017

HT with Dr. Brett Bolton was awesome!

I had a H.T. with Dr. Brett Bolton about 18 mths ago and had a really great experience there- very happy with the results, especially with his ability to help conceal/blend a terrible, previous HT surgery I had with another doctor 20 years ago. It was such a difference, just wish I had gone to him the first time around. I'm getting ready to schedule another procedure there next month and will post pics after, but you'll not find a finer surgeon that pays more attention to detail than Dr. Brett Bolton. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about my surgery there and I'll be happy to respond back...
Lu Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Apr 23, 2017

Very professional and high quality results achieve

Expectations were well communicated. Premeeting was truly consultative. All my questions were answered. From there they were a class act. Highly recommend going with Josh's lodging arrangement. I give them five stars.
William Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Aug 22, 2017

My Experience With Dr. Brett Bolton And His Staff

Very personable and professional. My discussion with Dr. Brett Bolton was both friendly and informative and through my research and experience believe him to be the best in his field. His staff was also very professional and friendly and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a hair transplant!
hairtransplantsociety Review
Oct 31, 2017

Dr.Brett Bolton is the BEST hair transplants surge

I started loosing my hair about 5 years ago and I had to do something about it. FUE was the method that I thought would be the best(so called scarless.not true,you get a lot of small scars).To be fair the doctor I picked did as good job as FUE could offer but the method does not give you enough hair,one year later I have had another FUE procedure(another mistake). I haven't gotten any density that I was hoping for.So I started my research and realized the strip method is by far superior.Now I had to find the right doctor and I took my time doing that. There a lot of doctors in USA ,every state has many who offer the procedure but I was not impressed by any of them,and I checked A LOT of them. I live in Florida and I don't know what happened but somehow I missed Dr.Bolton's website when I checked everything for the first time, and he is in Florida as well.Luckily I found him this time.Talking about luck! I was so impressed with everything he has done that I knew wright the way, he is the ONE! I watched all his videos and read all the testimonials and of course the work he has done.Dr Bolton is not just a GREAT doctor he is an ARTIST!!! To do what he does, one has to have a gift from God! I was planning to do my surgery in March,but didn't want to wait so long. I called the office and talked to Jush,he made it easy for me and we had consultation with Dr.Bolton over the facetime.I picked my day October 24th which was a week away.On 24th when my wife and I got there it felt like we came to party,everyone was super friendly and helpful I have met the staff,wonderful people! After watching all the videos I felt that I already knew Dr.Bolton personally,but in real life he is even nicer (if it is even possible).What a great personality!!! Dr.Bolton took the time to explain everything (you can tell the man is very passionate about his job) then I got to my very comfortable chair and the procedure started.OMG!!! Talking about painless! I literally did not feel anything!! NO pain at all! I was enjoying shows on TV,eating snacks and had a good time.The procedure did not take more than 4 hours vs 8-9 hours FUE(in reality it felt more like 2 hours max)Dr Bolton and his staff went through everything I needed to know about post op.I got painkiller prescription and I never took it to pharmacy because I took 2 pills of Tylenol 500 when we were leaving the office and that was enough.NO PAIN at all! Of course I have to wait for some time to see the result but I have no doubts that Dr.Bolton did his best and he will make me happy.It has been a week since surgery and everything is going according the plan all I have to do is wait! When I will see my final result,I will post my before and after pictures. At last I have to tell that I have been and will be recommending Dr.Bolton to everyone who needs hair work done and if you,who reads this want to do something about your hair, do not wait and do not waste your time looking for different doctors,I did that for you,Dr.Bolton is the best !!! And Dr.Bolton thank you very much!
Rory Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Feb 13, 2018

Hair Transplant Review

The best! Very professional, the staff is great and everyone is very welcoming. Do not go anywhere else ! Phenomenal experience, highly recommend !
Hair Reviews
hairtransplantsociety Review
Oct 23, 2018

My one year revew!

It's been one year since my HT surgery with Dr.Bolton.The result has exceeded my expectations.My hair looks great.I haven't met one person who would think that I ever had anything done with my hair,and actually I have gotten some compliments from different guys whenever we had conversations about hair in gym and other places.Guys usually would say,hey you are very lucky man with your hair you never had any problems with it and when I tell them(not everyone of course)that I had HT,they always are shocked.It's been 12 mo. and Dr.Bolton said I can expect some more growth during next few I am very happy about it.I already wrote about my experience with surgery,so I want to say again if you want to look in the mirror and not get disgusted with your bald head(because that is all you see,I know) just call Dr.Bolton and he will help you.He really is the BEST in this field.I have met some guys who had HT surgeries done with other doctors and there is NO comparison.Most of them had poor results and the scars on the donor area are easily visible. In my case my wife and my hair dresser only can find that little thin line which I can't even call a scar and they have hard time finding it.To everyone reading that my advice ,DO NOT WAIT any longer,call Dr.Bolton and make your self happy!!!
Brian Reviews
 yelp  Review
Apr 13, 2019
I picked Dr Bolton because I am a local businessman (jeweler) in same town and location (35+) years and he has been doing transplants for 20+ years. So, this might seem an odd criteria to some but it means a lot to me. A fly by night will never be in same place long! Then I saw his amazing work on real patients! I met Brett for first time in Feb for a consultation and had the procedure on April 5th. I am happy to report his pricing was very fair, the pain was not as bad as I thought and my progress is going well. Doc and/or staff (Mike) very attentive to any concerns or questions I may have nearly every day now since my surgery. I am on Day 9 and yes this is now a REAL REVIEW and I will update again to this post down the road, I am upset to see these fake reviews to blame him as not a good doctor is simply not true. I had a frontal procedure done about 12 years ago. So I know I can compare. It was not as successful as I wanted and they could do nothing for my crown. The thought of no hope is now a thing of the past because of Dr. Bolton, He filled it up (crown) and got so much extra max harvest he even filled in my front hairline some. Did not want front lowered but more dense. He doesn't count hairs for dollars once you hire him. He will get as much as possible and he sure did this when it came to me and my donor area. Most people want to remain anonymous when getting a hair transplant but I decided to come out of closet with this post after reading these fake posts. If anyone thinks I am a fake. Please look me up and visit me at my business for 35 years with my twin brother. Keno Brothers. I too have been a victim of false reviews. Mostly from my competitors who are jealous and want to take me down. The truth always prevails and this review is 100% with my name to it. Sincerely, Brian Keno