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 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

Cutting Grafts


"Who wants multiple surgeries? I know I certainly wouldn't if I had another option. That's why I give patients the very best results the first time around. That's my personal guarantee."

— Dr. Brett Bolton

Same amount of cheese... Same amount of sauce... Same amount of pepperoni...

If You Are Paying By the Slice

You Are Paying Too Much Dough!


Ok seriously, how can you compare a pizza to a hair transplant? EASY. Neograft, FUE, strip harvest... it doesn't matter what type of surgery it is. The industry standard is to CHARGE BY THE GRAFT.



The problem is, there are no rules when it comes to how a graft is sliced up!

A graft could have 4 hairs, or 3 hairs, or 2 hairs, or 1 hair. The industry average is 2.5 hairs per graft but the truth is it can be even lower due to the number of one hair grafts needed for the frontal hairline.


Dr. Brett Bolton What the Hair transplant Industry Neglects to Tell You! clickme

You would never pay $8 dollars for a $4 pizza just because it is sliced up differently!

So why would you pay for a hair transplant based on the number of grafts?

That's exactly what unknowing patients do everyday when they pay for their hair transplant by the graft. You don't want more grafts, YOU WANT MORE HAIR!

We Don't Follow "The Industry Standard"


in a SINGLE Procedure!

As a matter of fact, we don't follow ANYBODY. Great Hair Transplants is blazing a new trail with the revolutionary MaxHarvest™ technique. We harvest hair differently, we don't use conventional graft sizes and we don't charge by the graft. You should be very satisfied after just one hair transplant and we have hundreds of videos and pictures to prove it!

One Procedures
under 25 hair loss plan to restore hair
Hair Transplant Expert in florida hair transplant before after pic


1 yr

One Procedures
Hair Transplants Hair Transplant in florida
balding Hair Transplant


8 mo

One Procedurenew patients
young man with hair loss hair transplant correction
restore hair Hair Surgery


1 yr

Clinics will tell you that grafts any larger than 1-3 hair grafts don't look natural. The reality is they want to charge you by the graft, VERY SMALL grafts so they can charge you more money for MORE SURGERIES!

MORE Hair!! MORE Natural Results!! Less Surgeries!!

OK, so what about naturalness. Look at our pictures and videos to see the results. Our hair transplants are MORE natural than the conventional hair transplant because we use single hair grafts in the frontal hairline, two and three hair grafts behind that and our secret "Bolton Bundles" everywhere else to beef up the density! Bolton Bundles create MORE DENSITY. They are more natural in appearance because they remain in their naturally occuring bundle and they are artistically packed in tightly together with the other types of grafts to insure naturalness.

One Procedures
One Procedure Only amazing hair growth
hair restored hair implants after


8 mo

One Procedures
plan to restore hair under 25 hair loss
hair transplant botched job hair transplant correction


1 yr

One Procedures
hair transplant correction Hair Restoration
hair loss under 21 young man with hair loss


1 yr

No Detectable Scar!

The MaxHarvest™ technology results in an undetectable scar. Check out our scar videos! Scaring is not an issue with MaxHarvest™. The MaxHarvest™ method results in a shorter donor harvest when compared to conventional surgeries. This means that the delicate tissue spends much less time out of the body which insures a high survival rate!

Dr. Brett Bolton Another Undetectable Hair Transplant Scar clickme

See the "Before Pictures" Below?
These Guys Had MULTIPLE SURGERIES Before Coming Here

One Procedures
Hair Transplant Expert in florida hair transplant botched job
hair loss under 21 Hair Restoration


18 mo

One Procedures
One Procedure Only hair transplant botched job
Hair Transplant Expert in florida typical mail pattern baldness


6 mo

One Procedures
amazing hair growth hair restored
Hair Transplant Expert in florida Hair implants before


1 yr

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