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Jay's Surgery

Do You Have Anxiety About Getting a Hair Transplant? See an entire surgery and find out why getting hair restoration with Dr. Bolton could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Follow this patient from beginning to end as he gets a hair transplant surgery. See the donor strip removed and sutured. Hear Dr. Bolton's explanation of graft sizes and find out what makes Dr. Bolton different than other surgeons. See how Dr. Bolton's staff makes this simple out patient procedure an enjoyable experience during and after the surgery. See post operative footage and meet the patient 10 days later for a suture removal.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 12-02-2013

Aldo's Surgery

Watch this surgery from beginning to end to see what it's like to be a Great Hair Transplants patient. Aldo's transformation is astounding and his life was changed forever through this unique MaxHarvest procedure. DUPLICATE

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 09-08-2013

Marc's Surgery

Marc had multiple issues due to former hair transplants by OTHER doctors. In this video Dr. Bolton maps out what he is about to do to correct Marc's prior transplants.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 12-20-2013

Aldo's Surgery

Aldo used to shave his head to hide his thinning hairline. Look at his before and after pictures to see personal photos that Aldo gave us of his hairloss before the procedure. Now Aldo has so much hair that his image is forever changed and he looks 10 years younger.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 09-08-2013

Jay's Surgery 2

Surgery Two took 4 hours and Jay Gained 6,500 hairs. Jay loved his first hair transplant and was anxious to get a second surgery. See how Dr. Bolton loaded Jay up with an additional 6,500 hairs.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 09-07-2013

Jeff's Surgery

Jeff has become another Great Hair Transplants Hair Junky. He loved the results of his first surgery so much that he decided to have a second hair transplant. Watch this video to see Jeff's surgery from beginning to end.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 09-07-2013

Michael's Surgery

Follow along with Michael as he gets his MAXHARVEST procedure.

Before / After Photos Creation Date: 09-07-2013